Photography Group and Photo Services!

We started a monthly Photography Group shoot in February.  It went absolutely fabulous and I think everyone walked away from that shoot happy.  We run this group shoot monthly so there are plenty of opportunities for photographers and models alike!

There were a few edges to smooth out in how it ran and we look forward to continually making adjustments to improve the shoot for everyone involved.  If you need more information on our monthly group shoots.  We use meetup for those.  Feel free to join our meetup group!

Aside from the Photography Group shoots we have started offering a new service here.  Photographers can now rent the Club for their projects requiring a unique type of studio.  Our building is broken into many theme styled studio rooms.  Our studio’s would be for shooting Boudoir, implied/nude, fetish, erotic art type photography.  We also have the great outdoors at our disposal when the weather co-operates.

Our theme styled rooms include:

  • Fully Equipped Dungeon
  • Large Shower Room
  • Boudoir Bedroom
  • Shibari Suspension Room with 3 hard points
  • Smokers Room
  • Relaxing lounge and other areas

We are sure we can fit into your photography needs.  You can always stop by and check the building out on request to see if it is a fit for your project before you rent as well!

Other Photography Services we can provide you for your projects are:

  • Models you can work with
  • A Shibari Rigger for your Rope-craft photography
  • Help with lighting the scene
  • Hang your work on the walls of the club for sale
    • All works hanging on the walls of the club may be also sold through our online shop as well.

For more information, to schedule a visit, or book studio time follow the link!