Alternative Photography Studio Rental

We provide our space to photographers when they need a unique space for projects they want to shoot.  We can give you a perfect alternative photography studio for your boudoir, implied/nude, fetish and erotic arts photography.  Let your imagination run wild with ideas for shooting your projects.  This studio is available for cinematography shooting as well.




We can provide you with several services to help you create your perfect project shoot.

  • We can supply you with a model(s) for your project
  • If you need a rigger for shibari work in your project we can provide you one
  • Themed areas of the building to shoot within
    • Bedroom for boudoir
    • Fully outfitted dungeon with St Andrews Crosses
    • Shibari suspension hard points
    • Large shower room
    • Outdoor shooting in good weather
  • We can provide you with soft box lighting if needed

Rental Rates:

  • $25.00 per hour for renting the space to shoot your project
  • $25.00 per hour to supply you with a rigger
  • $ Varies per model / shoot with 2 hour availability per model
    • Always respect the model, do not ask for open leg shots.  They will shoot implied/nude photography but will not shoot pornography.
    • If a model tells you no, then that means no, end of the story.
    • Models are there for photographic needs and nothing more, do not solicit them for anything beyond modeling for your camera.
    • If you fail to follow these simple rules your shoot will be ended and you will be asked to leave.  No refunds will be given!

There is always a staff member on the site during a shoot.

Renting Ascension for photography projects is by appointment only.  Please use the form below for your scheduling request.

We are currently working on our model line up availability.  We’ll get this finished as soon as possible.

Services requested to rent.

Please check all that apply
We will contact you to work out the details of your request. All studio rental's are by appointment only. So please have a few appointment times in mind. The studio space is broken into different rooms with different themes.
We will always have a staff member on hand to help with any issues during your visit.
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