Ascension Show

Update 2/23/17 – Things are moving along nicely and we are beginning to get things on film.  It is taking us just a tad longer then we had hoped for.  But we want to bring you the best show that we can.  It is looking like April will be the roll out for the show.  Stay tuned for clips and updates between now and then.  Thanks for stopping by!

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Consent Film Project

The first episode of the Ascension Show is revolving around consent issues.  Given the way that we are planning the show.  We decided to use film projects as a means to convey a message, along with comedy skits and open frank discussion.  We hope that if someone watches and part of the show bores them,…

Photography Group and Photo Services!

We started a monthly Photography Group shoot in February.  It went absolutely fabulous and I think everyone walked away from that shoot happy.  We run this group shoot monthly so there are plenty of opportunities for photographers and models alike! There were a few edges to smooth out in how it ran and we look…

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