Club Ascension, it is not just a club, it is a state of mind!

We want you to break free from the bonds of society and find that spark in your soul.  To be who you are without guilt or regret.  Explore the recesses of your being and glow as you grow.  We are here to help you gain peace within yourself.

Ascension welcomes all alternative lifestyle choices and genders.  Free your mind and be yourself!

As a club we are “Members Only“.  Our months are filled with educational and social events for you to enjoy.  Be yourself in a safe and comfortable alternative lifestyle environment.  Hang out with old friends and meet new exciting people.   Join our educational events to further your knowledge of safe practices in your alternative interests.  Or, share your knowledge with those around you and help them further their skills and enjoyment.

There is something here for any alternative lifestyle minded person to enjoy and express their personal freedom.

We are a NCSF coalition partner.  We fully support the efforts of the NCSF and believe you should to if possible. 


Newest Articles

Shibari Classes

Club Ascension celebrates Michigan Happy Knots returning to the club!  MHK provides education and a social group environment for those attending to learn from each other.  They provide a 30 to 45 minute class on a specific type of tie for both beginner and advanced at the beginning of the evening.  Then allow people to…

Consent Film Project

The first episode of the Ascension Show is revolving around consent issues.  Given the way that we are planning the show.  We decided to use film projects as a means to convey a message, along with comedy skits and open frank discussion.  We hope that if someone watches and part of the show bores them,…

Call to Artisans

Do you craft, design or produce your own lifestyle/lifestyle related and non lifestyle items?  Would you like an opportunity to show off your work and place it in a shop to sell?  Club Ascension is looking for vendor items to carry in its online and club shop.  We would like to hear from you and…

Photography Group and Photo Services!

We started a monthly Photography Group shoot in February.  It went absolutely fabulous and I think everyone walked away from that shoot happy.  We run this group shoot monthly so there are plenty of opportunities for photographers and models alike! There were a few edges to smooth out in how it ran and we look…